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Prologue : In a Class of our Own

Why does a new small Liberal Arts college, located on a small Island in the Straits of Mackinac, with a lifespan of only four years, foster an extreme fidelity that has been sustained now for 5 decades?

Why do Mackinac students who did not graduate Mackinac, but went on to major universities around the world, feel compelled to respond to inquiries about where they graduated with the answer:

Graduated X, Educated Mackinac.

Why are Dr. McCabe's comments not hyperbole?

The purpose for this website is to focus on these questions and to confirm that we were once this young, all the while giving our detractors something to gnaw on. In our salad days we enjoyed the prerogatives of youth: Idealism, Imagination, Hope, Fearlessness. Now we enjoy one of the benefits of time: Reflection. Mackinac College established life-long standards for serious scholarship and great fun. For far too many years we have mourned the loss of our greater potential rather than celebrate our unique experimental experience.

Utopia? Hardly! The blood, sweat and tears of the Charter Class, as they toiled to transform a rocky road into a fertile field, resulted in an untethered Mackinac College which for many remains steadfastly their Camelot moment.

Mackinac College lived diversity before it became politically correct; structured interdisciplinary learning before it became the norm; and nurtured the arts as a invaluable communicative tool for understanding. Sadly we fell victim to that dreaded virus of all experiments, the dry fact of funding. Tragically the core purpose for Mackinac College still resonates today.

Mackinac College was identified as a 'leadership college' which carried the implication that leadership could be taught when in fact leadership evolves. Mackinac College provided the arsenal for such an evolution through Purpose, Understanding, and Excellence.

PURPOSE: At Mackinac the sense of personal motivation focused on that which was meaningful and relevant rather than shortsighted or insular. This afforded a great sense of freedom but also a greater sense of responsibility.

UNDERSTANDING: At Mackinac discussions, not arguments, focused on understanding rather than winning. This required a fine tuning of the ear to absorb what others were saying. One cannot listen with the mouth engaged. Courtesy was given to whomever was speaking. Class work not only required an analytical critique but also a 'creative response'. This cemented an understanding of the work at hand even if the viewpoint was unacceptable personally.

EXCELLENCE: At Mackinac quality was seen not in relation to an external grade, recognition, or a judgment call but as an internal compass that personal effort was maximized. Excellence was our hallmark.

There was an unexpected gift packed away in our departing luggage that was discovered over time in the intervening years. A most singular gift that elevates the mind, heart and soul to their full potential. That gift? COURAGE! The courage that sparks creativity. The courage to step out of the box. The courage to take risks. The courage to succeed. Mackinac College was Courage!

We were not about the leadership that garners headlines but a subtle humble leadership. A big rock tossed into a body of water makes an impressive sight and sound and then quickly sinks out of site (or as Bill S. wrote 'full of sound and fury, signifying nothing') whereas a simple pebble can send out an endless ripple. 'Pebbles of Courage™,' if you will!

With the advent of the new international S. Douglas Cornell – Mackinac College Leadership Prize we will be able to grow our legacy by recognizing other 'Pebbles of Courage™' whose ripples continue to change our world for the better in the best tradition of Mackinac College.


Mackinac College closed. It was at “the wrong place at the wrong time”. But we were at the "right place at the right time."
Dr. William Saul, Charter Class
Santé Fe Tribute, 2002

Susan Ahlquist
Tucson, AZ
Mackinac 1968
Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA
USCF, San Francisco, CA
Fred Flanders
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
University of Colorado
University of Arizona
Judith Macher Pattie
Mackinac, Graduate
St Louis University
Frederic Bartlet Allen
Mackinac Charter Class
University of Hartford Hartt School of Music
State University of New York, Albany
Patricia Geary
Mackinac 1967-69
University of New Mexico
West Chester University
Jane Pepia
Mount Vernon, WA
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Oklahoma State University
Florida International University
Joe Archer
Victoria, BC, Canada
Mackinac 1968-70
Ottawa Univ. Kansas
Malcolm Gill
Scottsdale, AZ
Mackinac 1968-69
University of Arizona
Thunderbird Graduate School
Dave Pelletier
Toronto, ON, Canada
Mackinac 1967-68
McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada,

Wendell W. Barnes, Jr.
Macon, GA
Mackinac 1968-69
University of Georgia, Athens , GA
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Carla Magsamen Heath
Crofton, Maryland
Mackinac 1968-70
Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland
Karen Myhra Peterson
Flossmoor, Illinois
Mackinac 1967-69
Elmhurst College
Governors State University
Vanderbilt University
Barbara Weast Blem
Mackinac 1968-69
University of Toledo, Ohio
Karen (Kluthe) Hendricks
San Antonio, TX
Mackinac 1967-69
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
Norm Peterson
Chicago, IL
Mackinac Charter Class
Elmhurst College
Loyola University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Toni Blevins
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Rosemary Hofman Horn
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Indiana University
Cardinal Stritch College/University
Kathleen GAIL Browne Phillips
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Wake Forest University
University of Cincinnati
Harvard University
Heather (Lasenby) Olson-Bunnell
Roanoke, IN.
Mackinac, Graduate
Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center, Chicago, IL
Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL
Tom Houghton
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
New York University
Lynda Cook Pletcher
Durham NC
Mackinac 1968-69
Ottawa University
Wichita State University
Peter Carey
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Stanford University
Lyn Shumate Haval
Los Alamos, NM
Mackinac 1968-69
Lake Superior State University
UC Riverside
David Rock
Mackinac 1968-1969
Willamette Univ
Washington State Univ
Univ of Arizona
Dianne Carrell
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Arizona State University
Susan Keene
Toronto, Canada
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Ontario College of Art, Canada
Meg Rock (Yoshiko Isono)
Mackinac 1968-1969
Ottawa University
Harriet (Pudge) Hall Cates
Atenas, Costa Rica
Mackinac 1968
Johnston College, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Marcia Ewing Lane
Saline, MI
Mackinac 1966-68
Eastern Michigan University
Leon Ross
Mackinac Charter Class
Morehouse College
Georgia State University
David Clarke
Norfolk, Virginia
Mackinac 1967-68
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Bhupinder Singh Liddar
Mackinac 1968-69
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Ellen Hodges Saul
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Mankato State College
Richard Coe
Wichita, KS
Mackinac 1967-69
Macalester College
The University of Chicago
Peter Low
Naivasha, Kenya
Mackinac 1967-68
Ottawa University, Kansas
William Saul
Alexandria, MN
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
U of Iowa Medical School
Steven Cornell
Tucson AZ
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
University of Chicago
Janet Macher
Berkeley, CA
Mackinac 1968
Ottawa University, Ottawa, KS
University of California, Berkeley, CA
Harvard University, Boston, MA
Jeanette Savoy
Mackinac College
Ottawa University, Kansas
Gary Cowley
Inglewood, California
Mackinac 1967-69
Emerson College, Boston, MA
Harold Mann
Monterey, CA
Mackinac Charter Class
University of Washington, Seattle
Robert Skrdla
Mackinac Charter Class 1966-69
Macalester College

Irene Cowley
Inglewood, California
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Loyola-Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

Eryndlia Mavourneen
Chapel Hill, Tennessee
Mackinac 1968-69
Johnston College, University of Redlands, California
Chattanooga State Technical (Tennessee)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee
Maureen Moncrief Smith
Cheney, WA
Mackinac 1968-69
John Johnson-Dunlop
St.Charles, Illinois
Mackinac Charter Class
Southern Illinois University
University of Illinois, Chicago
John W. Menzies
Bay Village, Ohio
Mackinac Charter Class 1966-69
Xavier University
N. Kentucky State University, Chase College of Law
Molly Eagleson Smith
Philadelphia, PA
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
Temple University, Philadelphia
Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia
Tom Eadie
Victoria BC,Canada
Mackinac 1967-69
The Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY
Beverly Bose Mitchell
North Little Rock AR
Mackinac 1967-1969
University of San Diego
Carmen Sterba
Mackinac Charter Class 1966-68
Sophia University
California State University - Dominguez Hills
Antonia (Caggiano) Edson
Grand Rapids, MI
Mackinac 1967-69
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI
Jacquelyn Ford Morie
Mackinac 1968-69
Florida Atlantic University
University of Florida
University of East London
Brian Suelzer
Mackinac Charter Class 1966-69
University of Hartford
St. Joseph College
Xavier University
Arthur Edson
Grand Rapids, MI
Mackinac Charter Class 1966-69
Sherry Frink Muhs
Mackinac Charter Class
Jonathan M. Walkinshaw
Oakville, ON, Canada
Mackinac 1968-69
Ottawa University, Kansas
College of Law, U. of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
Carol Eriksson Entwistle
Afton, MN
Mackinac 1967-69
University of Michigan
Clark Newhall
Mackinac 1967
University of Michigan
University of Utah
Susan Fell Walkinsaw
Oakville, ON, Canada
Mackinac 1967-69
Ottawa University, Kansas
Fred Entwistle
Mackinac 1967-69
University of California, San Diego
University of Michigan
David Oliver
Mackinac Charter Class
Ottawa University
University of Miami
Cynthia Williams
Tucson, AZ
Mackinac 1968-69
Johnston College, University of Redlands
Yale University
Cleveland State Marshall School of Law
Karin D. Everson Everett
Mackinac Charter Class, Graduate
University of Tennessee, Memphis
Baylor College of Medicine
Columbia University Teachers College


Edric Cane
Wyn (Ethelwynne Erickson) Cane

Jeanne Lane Pehrson (Jean Lane)
Head of Citizenship Program; Music Faculty
1967, 1968


For Whom God Loves, He Gives a Home at Mackinac
Dr. S. Douglas Cornell, President
Alice Carey, Art

Kristi Orr Beaulieu

Basil Entwistle - Chairman, Board of Trustees Kalika Banerji, English Alison Beck
Dr. Morris H. Martin, Dean of Faculty David L. Blair, English Stephanie Craig
Richard (Rusty) Wailes, Dean of Students Dr. Franklin S. Chance, Chemistry, Mathematics Gera Golden
Denise Hyde, Dean of Women Dr. Audrey Cook, English, French Mark Hampe
C. West Hodges, Business Manager John Daeley, History James M. Havel
Maisry MacCracken, Librarian Martin K. Doudna, English Craig Kreibel
  Charles Flynn, Sociology Esther Diaz Lanz
  William Gough, Mathematics Marty Malik
  Frances & Richard Hadden, Music Madora Minor
  Liv Hansteen, Physical Education
James R. Nesteby
  Dr. Yu-Tang Daniel Lew, Political Science William C. Pensoneau
  John (Jack) McCabe, Drama, Theatre Arts Gary Reck
  Matti Narhi, Physical Education Tom Sawyer
  Katherine Smedley, History Ken Stollery
  Harold Tull, Physics Tatsuhiko Sugiyama
    Tom Vier
    Robert Wright
    Robert Young

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