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"We in the Charter Class have decided to make our lives count in the world. We depend on our four years here to prepare us for that. We do not want to use our education as a chopping block to criticize what is wrong, but rather as a cornerstone to build what is right.

In the modern world man's brainpower has far outreached his heartpower. The purpose of education, particularly in the future, will be to keep man's heart in time with his technological advances. In tomorrow's world it will not be our knowledge so much as our purpose and sense of direction that guide us through life."

Peter Carey
Mount Kisco, New York


"Our generation has had thrust upon it a new responsibility. This demands that we go to college for a reason beyond personal success, pleasing our parents, or any other purely personal motive. It means we must approach college as a preparation to face and become involved in a rapidly changing and exploding age, and become involved with a clear conscience and big enough aim.

We must be able to deal with problems which today we cannot even predict. Therefore, our education must be geared, not to what is urgent, nor even to what is current, but instead to what is important, to those truths which will always be relevant. It must be geared to dealing with the one real constant in today's world–man himself."

Stephen E. Cornell
Washington, D.C.

"I happened to grow up in the midst of an industrial, ideological, and social revolution in Cuba. Cuba grew economically and culturally until we ranked first in Latin America. Ideologically, we failed because we did not know how to deal with men.

At Mackinac College I have the opportunity to learn about the past in the light of what is happening today, to learn how to live in order to satisfy the deepest needs of my people and people everywhere, to go one step beyond opinion or intuition to the knowledge of life's realities and how to tackle them."

Esther Diaz Lanz
Havana, Cuba and
Los Angeles, California


"When the legendary Indian Great Spirit moved out from Mackinac Island in September, as he does every year, a new kind of spirit moved in. It is the spirit of Mackinac College which lives here now, and we believe in it. We are creating a college unlike any other.

This is a learning place, a growing place, a place for students who feel a responsibility for the whole world. Each of us cares. We are alive, we are interested, and we are involved. From this, the College of the Great Spirit, will come leaders of great value, who will produce for the world a great future."

Frederica Gray
Hartford, Connecticut


"I plan to go beyond four years of college. I look to Mackinac College to give its students standards, stability, and spirit. These are some of the qualities essential in a student if graduate studies are to have a solid foundation on which to build."

Phyllis Kirk
Longmont, CA


"Education is still new and foreign to my people. Some in our tribe have selfishly educated themselves, then forsaken their families and heritage. Others have bitterly stated that education should be used to get revenge for the atrocities done to our ancestors. But that's out of date.

Here at Mackinac we are pioneering an education that presents us with a task so big that every man is needed to create a new era in the achievement of man."

William C. Pensoneau
Ponca City, Oklahoma


"Each man is born with a spark of greatness burning deep within him. Yet how often is this precious gift wasted? How many men leave the world having accomplished nothing? Why? It is because they had no purpose to add fuel to make their spark a flame. It is because their goals were empty and their ambitions selfish. The world is saturated with such men.

Mackinac College has declared war on such thinking. In its stead it offers hope, purpose, responsibility, challenge, and the tools to meet that challenge. It offers a chance for the student to meet life properly prepared to contribute meaningfully to the world.

At Mackinac College you get more than an education."

Robert V. Wadden, Jr.
Rolling Hills, CA


"Last year I was a student at a small liberal arts college. Instead of studying for a purpose, I studied to "get by." I was hardly aware of what took place in the world. My concern was directed toward myself.

At Mackinac, I intend to learn about world problems, how nations were made and the men who made them. After graduating, I feel I am meant to be a person who works for the solution of world problems, and knows it will take time and sacrifice to do so."

Ann White
Gallatin, TN




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