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Students at Mackinac College were encouraged to engage in a variety of activities to enlarge their view of the world and encourage their active role in its future.

According to the Mackinac College Catalogue,

"Mackinac College is designed for young men and women who want to set the pace in building a world that works. Student activities provide scope for the development of leadership, creative entertainment, recreation, and a zest for living. All students are expected to strive for the best of which they are capable in the classroom, on the stage, on speaking platforms, and on athletic fields.

Horizons at Mackinac extend beyond campus concerns. As an important part of campus life students have the opportunity to report and comment on world affairs, on vital social, economic, and political issues, and on the fine arts, particularly with reference to their generation's responsibility for spotlighting solutions rather than just pinpointing problems.

Qualified students will be encouraged to participate in constructive social, economic, and cultural projects, and in area studies within the United States and abroad, especially in their junior and senior years."




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