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The Mackinac College Catalogue 1966-67 describes Arts and Communications of Ideas in this way:

"A musician in residence is available to give help to those wishing to use their musical talents in instrumental groups and in glee club or choral singing. Distinguished musicians are periodically invited to give concerts on the campus.

An artist in residence advises and trains students wishing to draw and paint.

Dramatic productions are a powerful medium for the expression of ideas. A theatre, stage, property room, and large costume wardrobe are available for student use. Qualified personnel give technical training in play production.

There will be undergraduates who wish to work with the printed word to clarify important issues and to articulate aims big enough for this age. Means are being developed to assist them to do so.

At the weekday dinners and the noontime meal on Sunday, students, faculty, and members of the administration can dine together and continue their discussions of matters of common interest. Tables may be arranged where a foreign language is spoken exclusively.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts



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