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Mackinac College closed in 1970, but its graduates have found a way to keep its memory bright. The Mackinac College Legacy Fund, an endowed fund through the Mackinac Island Community Foundation, was set up by alumni of Mackinac College and allocates funds each year to support environmental and educational projects on the Island.

The fund, which was created in September 2003, was started through the combined efforts of the College alumni to honor the Mackinac College motto: "To Learn. To Live. To Lead." The challenge is, in part, an attempt to increase the fund's capacity as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the College inaugural.

"The people who went to the college wanted to leave a legacy because the Island was so special to them," said Jennifer Bloswick, former executive director of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation."

Mackinac College SignDistributions from the Mackinac College Legacy Fund will be allocated equally to support educational and environmental projects. Education grants will be directed toward programs which prepare students to function in global and diverse workplace. Education grants may also include supplemental funding assistance for programs at risk due to reduced funding from regular sources.

Environmental grants will focus on projects that seek to protect, maintain, or expand the unique natural resources of the Island. Additional projects will address means of educating the tourists and young people and on environmental issues using the Island setting.

Money earned from the Mackinac College Legacy Fund endowment will be used in perpetuity for the betterment of Mackinac Island, following the Foundation's motto, "For Good. For Ever."

Donors who wish to contribute to the Mackinac College Legacy Fund can mail their donation to the Foundation at PO Box 1933, Mackinac Island, MI 49757, or through its Web site,

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