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"Mackinac College is fortunate in its initial faculty. Highly qualified academically, its members come from a number of different countries and several bring with them unusual experience from diplomatic and industrial life.

Mackinac is continuing to enlist men and women of unusual talent and experience to meet its growing faculty needs. It stresses motivation as well as demanding high academic qualifications. Instruction is marked in three ways:

First, through the teacher's enthusiasm for his subject and through his imaginative approach to it.

Second, through the individual attention given each student, made possible by a low student-teacher ratio.

Third, through the common motive of relevance to world affairs that links teacher and student and gives a giant purpose to studies."

Morris H. Martin
B.A., M.A., D.Phil (Oxon.)
Dean of Faculty




"I decided to resign from my country's diplomatic service to accept appointment at Mackinac College because I believe men trained at this College can influence the world. Along with millions in Asia, I believe that freedom will rise or fall with America."

Yu-Tan Daniel Lew
(Political Science)
Ambassador of the Republic of China to New Zealand, 1963-66


"In attempts to introduce new products that would bring health and a higher standard of living to some less-developed countries, I found the main obstacle was a lack of acceptance of these benefits by the people. The first step in improving the life of anyone is to get the individual to desire improvement. This is also true of America.

I have left industrial research in order to try at Mackinac College to deal with this motivation of people, to train men who will take responsibility for themselves and for others."

Franklin S. Chance
(Chemistry, Mathematics)
Head of Research and Production, Pfizer International, Inc., 1956-64.


"Five years' work with Air Force general officers in charge of the United States missile and military space programs has convinced me that what happens in our nation's classrooms will have as great a bearing on our future as what happens in our nation's laboratories.

From the classrooms must come those who will decide how the new technology is to be used. To produce responsible men and women who will cope wisely with tomorrow's world is the priority task in Mackinac College's exciting educational venture."

Martin K. Doudna
Command Speech Writer, Hdq., Air Force Systems Command, 1961-66



"The new generation, unlike mine, seeks involvement. They are in revolt against meaninglessness. Students expect education to equip them, totally, for leadership in relevant tasks.

This means for me new and adventurous approaches to the study of writing and literature. It illumines with purpose the arts of communication and the search of literature for values."

David L. Blair


"The challenge to create, along with other faculty members, something new in education, gaining valuable personal and professional experience simultaneously, is very great. I shall find the teaching process a reciprocal one, an aspect sadly lacking in many institutions of higher learning today."

Julianne C. Gustafson


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