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Mackinac College's dedicated and highly qualified faculty came from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Many had extensive experience in leadership roles in government and industry. Low student-teacher ratios permitted a high degree of individual attention and personal commitment.

This unique relationship between students and faculty was described in the Mackinac College 40th Anniversary Tribute ad in the Mackinac Island Town Crier:

Faculty and student"How many students can say they looked forward to a class or extended a seminar to the dinner table and then to the lounge afterwards, not because it was required or even expected, but because they wanted to be involved...thank you Dr. Lew.

How many History professors could take you beyond dates and names and have you see how other events of the times or earlier had shaped a situation and what lessons can we learn in order to shape a better future...thank you Ms. Smedley.

How many English professors are so in tune with their subject matter and its relevance to excite a skeptical generation...thank you Mr. Blair (and Bobby Burns)"

According to the Mackinac College Publication "The Making of a College,"

"Each member of the faculty is selected on the basis of these fundamental requirements:

  • Genuine concern for the fullest development of the student
  • Excellent academic qualifications and the ability to stimulate the mind and spirit of youth to search, study, create and express.
  • Vitality, to stay abreast of the times, to communicate with a younger generation and to remain flexible to new ideas, techniques and subject matter
  • The ability to work as a part of a cohesive team with the rest of the faculty
  • Standards of moral integrity commensurate with those expected of the students.

Just as prospective students have responded eagerly to the idea of a Mackinac education, both seasoned scholars and outstanding young academicians are answering the call to teach in this new and unique institution.  Impelled by Mackinac’s vision and dedication to excellence, they are enthusiastic about helping to shape the traditions of higher education in an entirely fresh environment, where intellect and character will have equal emphasis."


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