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S. Douglas Cornell, B.A., Ph.D., President
Wilber A. Chaffee, Jr. , B.A., Executive Assistant
Everett R. Fleming, Assistant for Development
Bruce F. Currie, Public Information Officer

Morris H. Martin, B.A., M.A., D. Phil., Dean of Faculty

Richard D. Wailes, B.S., Dean of Students
Denise Hyde, B.A., Assistant Dean of Students (Women)

W. E. Timothy Gallwey, A.B., Director of Admissions and Registrar
William N. Wishard, III, B.A., Assistant Director of Admissions

Donna M. Weback, B.A., M.P., Business Manager
Mrs. Meryl Eriksson, Personnel Officer
Richard Robertson, Purchasing Officer
Mrs. Soja Boeleskevy, Accounting Officer

Maisry MacCracken, B.A., B.L.S., M.A., Librarian
Geraldine Hughes, B.A., Cataloguer
Elizabeth Garrett, M.A., Assistant Cataloguer

Joseph A. Solomon, M.D. College Physician

Carleton H. Currie, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Records Officer

William P. Stubbs, Director of Physical Plant
Samuel Reid, Marine Superintendent
Richard D. Martin, Property Officer

Jan Brekke, Director of Residential Services
Priscilla Wilson, Director of Dining and Kitchen Services
Robley Geddes, Executive Housekeeper

Dean on Dock

Dean of Students Richard “Rusty” Wailes, twice Olympic Gold Medallist in rowing, welcomes members of the first freshman class at the dock.



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