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From "The Mackinac View"...

"An island setting, but world outlook...

The Indians called it Michilimackinac, home of the Great Spirit Manitou. Here in 1780 the British built Fort Mackinac, stronghold above the Straits linking Lakes Huron and Michigan. Before 1812 the Island changed hands four times among French, British and Americans. Here John Jacob Astor built his massive fortune in the fur trade. From 1890 on, Mackinac gained fame as a tourist resort and today the long ore boats pass steadily through the Straits in their endless round between mine and mill. Ninety percent of the Island is a Michigan State Park* No automobiles are permitted; transportation is by bicycle, horse and carriage, and sleigh and ski in winter."

*The Mackinac Island State Park actually comprises approximately 80% of the island.

More information about Mackinac Island:

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