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Facts about Mackinac College

Mackinac College SignHere are some facts about Mackinac College that existed during its tenure from 1966-1970:

  • Private and independent

  • Liberal arts curriculum

  • Coeducational

  • Optimum size: 1,000 students

  • Charter class entering in the fall of 1966

  • All students in residence

  • Open to all qualified students

  • Non-sectarian

  • Bachelor of Arts degree

  • Nine month academic program, leading to graduation in 4 years

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test or American College Test required for admission

  • Tuition and Residence, $2,500 per academic year

  • Scholarships and financial aid based on academic achievement, future promise and financial need

  • Located on historic Mackinac Island, where transportation is by horse and carriage, bicycles and sleighs



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