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Campus LifeThe following is excerpted from the Mackinac College Catalogue 1966-1967:

"Mackinac College boldly puts the emphasis on learning to learn, learning to live, and learning to lead. It sets out to develop judgment, responsible action, and readiness to meet the challenges of the present out of a knowledge of the past and with a vision for the future.

The liberal arts curriculum has taken on fresh significance for a Western world constantly confronting other cultures and for educators concerned about too-early specialization and too-narrow areas of technical attainment. Mackinac College therefore aims to equip each student, regardless of his field of major study, with a thorough grounding in the main historical lines of political, economic, and social development in the Western world, in the great advances in scientific thought which underlie our modern technological civilization, and also in the philosophical and ideological forces which have shaken and shaped society.

Mackinac's curriculum is planned especially for those who may wish to enter any of the following broad vocational fields:

Government and public life
Business and finance
Industry and labor
The legal profession
Journalism, publishing, public relations
Theatre, cinema, television, radio

Representatives from these fields are among the speakers and artists regularly brought to the College. Such visits assist students to select their field of major study, present them with the issues and opportunities of the modern world, and give direct contact with creative thinkers and performing artists.

Modes of instruction are flexible. Large-group teaching is used from time to time as needed, along with lecture-discussion periods limited to thirty students, and small seminars whenever appropriate. Although there are a number of minimum requirements for all, the four-year program within each major field is designed to be largely an individual one, worked out progressively by each student with his faculty advisor."

The following information is excerpted from…The Making of a College:

"Courses in the freshmen year are designed to enable the student to explore and interpret the immediate background of present-day societies; to develop a high degree of skill in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking both English and another modern language; to grasp the evolution in human thought represented by the historic growth of mathematics and the sciences; and to relate day-to-day studies to the contemporary world by regular participation in seminars, presentations, and other programs by visiting lecturers and artists.  Stress will be placed on the great innovators, their revolutionary ideas, and their effect, for good or ill, upon their own and succeeding generations.  Emphasis will also be placed on physical fitness, and on the participation of every student in the total program, academic and otherwise, so that the resources of each individual are brought into action in various settings.

In the sophomore year each student will begin to concentrate in one of the following major fields of study:
Modern Languages
Political Science

As a junior and senior, the student will pursue detailed studies in his major field at a relatively advanced level of scholarly analysis and performance; select courses in other departments that will support or expand his major interest; prepare for possible off-campus experience and study; and, when qualified, undertake independent study.  During these last two years students will find many specific opportunities to lead in the common life and extra-curricular organizations of the College."



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